Thursday, November 22, 2012

Adages for Life

The Egyptians had a way of making things last a very long time. Some might believe the great pyramids will last long after our children's children are gone or even longer.

The mummification methods used way back in the time of King Tutankhamun, who was born in 1241 BC, have made DNA samples of people who lived on this earth a very long time ago possible. The unique type of work done on human remains can bring us back to a time way before the United States was born. To me,
The Egyptians wanted things to last a very long time. They left articles for an after-life with mummified Pharaohs for them to use. We still search for clues by way of large excavations as to why they had such knowledge and foresight.

I truly believe that certain books are meant to be preserved and last long after they, the writers, are gone. Maybe they want a legacy of their time on earth. They certainly will not be mummified like 'Tut' was. Could that be a shame? Some writers may want to be held in high regard in the far off future. It may be some desire of self-gratification.

Through telephone conversations, I have come to know Arthur Tugman. During a conversation, adages will fly from his thoughts and make me smile. You just never know when this extremely witty man will sneak one in. In his book we can observe his clever way of interpreting life around him.

I see Art's writing as lasting through the ages as the Egyptian pyramids have. I can conceive of his book being put in a safe place to be remembered by all future generations. This is the type of book that will last forever because it has sayings that are sure to be used forever, never forgotten because they are important. Examples are,"The dictionary is the only place you can find success without actually working for it" and "The key to success is to give failure a rest and put work to the test."

Tugman's verses are a manifestation of the way the world perceives things today. His thoughts flow from one to the next in his references to common thoughts of today. These thoughts, put in writing in this book will be long lasting and you will never be able to forget them once you read them like this one, "Don't let perfection stop you from being ordinary."

Arthur will leave his mark in society. His words will carry on even though is book may not be encased in glass to preserve it. People will remember his sayings or 'adages' as I prefer to call them. The human race will always have these thoughts written by Art because they are already in the minds of people. Arthur is simply reminding us in a very clever way like "Failing to try is no different than trying to fail."

If you read this book, 'Adages for Life' you are about to embark on an incredible journey in life. The words from Arthur Tugman will linger in your mind forever. Through the pages, you will see graphic art that is beautifully done. To me the graphic art represents the Egyptian way of preserving, by showing pyramids and references to the Egyptian society of the world long ago. It is my principle that all writers want to continue to be taken into account long after they are gone. Like Art says in his book, "Be open to new ideas before life closes in on you."