Saturday, August 25, 2012

The "Social" Self

The native American Mythology of understanding the universe as a totally integrated and interdependent of all being, living and none living comes in handy and begs a further study and understanding as the Judeo-Christian Islamic faiths that undermine the importance and significance of everything else and put undue emphasis on the primacy of the human being is causing more and more hurt to itself as it does to others in its environment. The human being asserts its primacy and ultimacy in the perception of itself as the creation of God in His own image and everything else to its dominion, but God himself. This assertion more than
anything else seems rather the first sin than the sin as claimed in the old testament of eating the forbidden apple. The sin of being in control and in dominion over everything else and doing away with and doing to as humanity pleases and serves humanity's immediate needs or even at times to ease short term human ills not withstanding humanity's ineptitude to account and quantify for all the variables that led to the formation and necessitated the particular relationship and existence of a natural element in time and space. One thing certain though is that nature and the "Grand Force "behind the formation of the universe and any smaller element had an indisputable purpose and need for it. These grand intricate , complex and infinite union of natural entities have long been understood by some "backward societies "that were not stricken by the savagery of modernism which had often asserted nothing is as important in the Universe as human self.

This, funny enough seems a common character threat between all natural entities humans included. But there exists a qualitative difference between the knowledge and understanding of the self's primacy in and among the multitudes and the primacy of the only self among the infinite intertwined multitudes as the savagery of modernism tends to teach in the struggle and survival of the fittest. Contemporary fittest is only tomorrow's unfit and present day unfit contributes as much to the future's fittest. It is often out of the diversity of the past that current fit came about and the future out of the present diversity will emerge. In the highly dynamic and ever changing universal time in space and condition , being fit and unfit are as being at the right moment and time as they are being weak and internally and externally unfit.

It have been proved time and again that out of the seemingly eternally unfit had emerged the most fit and out of the seemingly eternally fit had emerged the most unfit of all times in an apparent falsehood of trance dental assertion of being the fittest or the unfit. These historic precedents and the need to survive in the future as a species and the uncertainties as to who would be the most fit in the times ahead and the generations there after dictates a social awareness and a social identity, a mutual none exclusivity and intertwined-ness of purpose and essence. What are the limits of this diversity? Environmental? special? in time? In size? Or amount? Is the modern language of mathematics capable of quantifying and qualifying them all now or in the foreseeable future? Or will any other known creation of human ingenuity do likewise ? Every existence in the universe is a cluster of like and unlike entities in unity and struggle from the largest of universal bodies to the minutest known.

Every entity is a self serving self aware and self preserving whole containing of yet smaller entities within it. While the smaller entities within the larger entity a social bunch bounded by the larger entity are forced in to these social awareness by the force that abound them together and hold them in position. While they can act and interact as individuals within the greater cluster of which they remain the comprising parts of the singularity of their encompassing cluster. These constitutions continue indefinitely up and down the size of all existence in the universe. If we breakdown the human body in to its individual parts we clearly observe and we have been told over and again that each part has its own identity and it acts in consort with many or all other parts to assert the well being and reality of the whole person. While the organ is a part of the whole person and the person a part of the family, the conglomeration and subdivision continues indefinitely on both ends. On each level of existence a social group abounded by a power and condition in space that they have to live together despite the unity and struggle, or transform and be transported to a whole different paradigm in a different form.

As every member of the cluster is equally important to keep the clusters statuesque the absence of even one element of the sub cluster would have altered it altogether however small. Experience, experiment and intuition reaches that a cluster may hold despite altered cluster elements and sub elements, but as the changes continue that it reaches a critical point where the cluster could not hold and transformation and transportation to a different paradigm will simply happen at a tremendous cost and pain as the Universal birth and death itself. As this may be an inevitable final outcome of everything and anything universal it is the choice to delay this catastrophe and have the time to prepare for it or willingly hasten happening is our preoccupation. Our Glob is such a cluster containing of infinite entities of clusters and sub clusters that were and are of vital importance to the wholeness of it. Some even as they cause us ill still remain vital to the whole and to us simultaneously. Mother nature or the Grand consciousness or God has it seems a purpose in the existence of every large and minute entity and its existence and disappearance will have an impact on every other member of the grand cluster and it is no news that we have been depleting a lot of our fellow members that we are fast approaching the tipping point. The other day I could not help myself over hearing a conversation between groups of ladies and gentlemen about an individual's visit to the southern part of the country and have had a special affinity for mosquitoes and insects of the kind from amongst many people. Our historic response to such an assault would have been eradicate, and we have indeed eradicated so much of what has been a Global member as bugs, insects wild animals birds and worms etc. In our march to freedom and hegemony and dominance we have eradicated, eradicated and eradicated only to be stricken with new and unknown afflictions like cancer, aids and many more.

Defend, prevent adapt to and live along with have been absent from our modernist vocabulary. There are though such packets wisdom among the "backward" societies to site one, mentioning the Somalis of eastern Africa live in a land infested with the deadliest Malaria mosquitoes who have learned to t live within the mosquitoes infested area without being affected just by chewing a plant called Chat would suffice it as a prime example of adaptation and living and thriving in a hostile environment. Eradication would otherwise be the modern day alternative with a net loss of at least one less of the progenitors of that ecosystem and a greater venerability to the accidental re emergence of the supposedly eradicated. On the contrary the individual who never been exposed to these community members have obviously exposed himself to attack as he had most likely done to eradicate them than adapt or prevent them .Ironically one only begets what he gives . As I have tried to break the self in two parts in earlier writing in the "Neurobiology of the self" The Physical self and the conscious self, here again I would like to draw attention to the two distinctive aspects and how the conscious self relates to the pieces of story and narration I had here before.

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