Thursday, September 13, 2012

Complimentary Notes To "The Philosopher"

May be we are getting nearer to the end that we are in observance of the confluence of many things that we customarily are used to think and believe never to come too close to each other or never to cross each other's path till eternity. Then philosophy was a pure mental exercise psychology likewise, but limited to human behavior and where it comes from and what brought it about. The time has come now that where we can see and observe every human behavior or almost all human behavior with a corresponding physical and
chemical activity within the brain physiology and other parts of our human body. How long ago was that we thought we could relate and map human behavior to a chemical and physiological brain make up and activity? Nonetheless, however hard knowing the knower is, we are making big leaps in shortening the gap between what was simply a metaphysical exercise and what was a quantifiable and qualify able material objective reality. As to who went right and who went wrong though very much dependent on who one asks the question , to an independent and objective observer it comes along clearly that both gave a lot of ground and they sure will give more till they have exhausted all of their individual standing. Will that be? Or will that not be?

However long the time and distance, it seems every bit what we have learned and are learning about us and ever thing else to date suggests that what has begun from a singularity of a sort to terminate in a singularity of a sort. Not ruling out the singularity of time space and matter as suggested by the Big bang theory, but adding to it a singularity of form and essence. As we (the universe and what is in it and it) are creations of information that preceded us we might simply end up being information that outlasts us. After all what we seem to gather is information that made us, that is governing our very essence and that is leading us in to our end and begging. So information we seek, information we gather and information we pass and I invite you to stay on as I embark on the journey of gathering synthesizing and disseminating information about all and us in particular once again and more.

As we are constructs of information we in turn gather, compile, multiplex and decompile to fit our needs and be compatible with the dynamic and ever evolving environment we often find ourselves in. In as much as what comes in to us by way of information affects our inner mechanics and chemistry it seems rather obvious that what we give out as pieces of information will have a similar effect on the receiving end to whom the information is of need to accomplish a task or fit a circumstance. Fitting a circumstance in a life's time entails finding life in a time segment, in a condition and place and the information compatible to make the right decisions and actions to enhance and sustain it. As every life form gathers information it as well learns and inherits from its predecessors who are endowed with knowledge by inheritance, experience and learning. Experience seems to teach that we curriculurize and compartmentalize information delivery and receipt in synthesis with our physiological stage of development that those who are old enough and knowledgeable are of importance in the determination and arrangement of information to be dissipated till such time deemed unnecessary by reach of a physiological developmental stage and meeting the corresponding intellectual and psychological prerequisites. As we are physical constructs of information and our physical body is nourished and sculpted by the constant feed of information we receive and our physical construction as well reverse feeds our information processing and output quality and efficiency. These and many more points which I would be getting in to are made clear to me from the initial chapter of the book.

My conclusions and insights as well may not concur 100% with that of the Author's that is because it is not my intent to summarize nor criticize, but take the outline and jot some the few thoughts that came to mind as I read it. As the amount of information we are able to access increased exponentially, it has become a common worry that we are becoming somewhat disconnected from our immediate social and physical environment and more of individuals than social beings and the author as well elaborates on that very eloquently.

It is though a couple of slanted angle views that struck my vision and carried my thoughts that I wanted to share here. One of them being the relationship between depth and width of vision as governed by the law of optics; that is the narrowing of the field of vision often is a precondition to magnification or magnification of a small item or being without exception narrows or eliminates peripheral vision and if not totally eliminated it is often lost as a background noise without due consideration. Such is the capability and purpose of our modern day gadgets and instruments from the television to the computer, from the internet to the telephone to make as reach and touch what was otherwise impossible. As our reach from all over the county to all over the state, nation and the Glob of like minded people becomes an instantaneity, are we breaking down to getting ever more divergent to our individual beats or are we getting convergent and getting to a common Global beat and rhythm? These increase in distance and scope of our reach has in fact made us people of specialties where generalities could not carry one across any river and our interdependence by that much stronger and important if we are to cross oceans and continents to accomplish a task and fulfill our needs. Social intelligence as such is the awareness and acknowledgment of a fundamental truth that no individual is an island in itself or her/himself. That from the minutest of beings and non beings in our Universe are endowed with an important task for us to be and do when and if it falls within the grand universal scheme and could only harm has when it is out of synch with this grand scheme, and in its struggle to find its rightful place if we happen to be the grand obstacle that it had to overcome. It is only recently that we are coming to the understanding of such an integrated interdependent Globe and Universe and we still have a long ways to traverse to come to a complete understanding of an integrated grand universal and global reality.

A thing is not real only if it is real in its consequences, but if and only if a common reference is established by all of us or most of us and com to a common understanding of what it is and establish an agreement to that effect otherwise both the imagined and the real one has biological consequences, the real one to all while the imaginary to the only one who imagined it. Luck of a common reference would render the imaginations and ideas remain realities of the individual minds (imaginations) until such time they are seen from a common established common reference vantage which is often the very essence and intent of a universal being. When two items or individuals are asynchronous one of them or both seems more than likely out of sync with this grand universal essence and being that often leads to sickness or death.

Our inner self and outer self and anything else's constantly and permanently browses its environment not only to synchronize itself with every other of our and its kind, but also establishes a common reference for affinity and common understanding. Why are particular sound wave lengths with particular pitch and amplitude, tones and overtones appealing to all of humanity and other are not? Is it may be we are all attuned to a common inner and outer audible and non rhythm's tones and overtones? If so what could be its fundamental tones wavelength, amplitude and pitch that is being amplified when we are attuned to music that is at the root of our pleasure and displeasure? We know in our efforts to synchronize and amplify we move with the beat of the drum, tone of the piano wind instrument or string what of our inner parts dance do our instruments of music follow? It seems we create music in by a dance and vibration of some delicate parts of our inner mind only to reinforce and amplify that common inner vibration where ever it occurs and whatever it is.

It is elaborated clearly and at length how we humans are capable of emotional mapping of each other's state of mind and there is no wonder what we humans and everything else have an exact copy of our parts( not organs or body parts, but elements that constitute us) independently of time, space and condition. As our biological and physiological similarities increase so does what constitutes us. That who are in them are as well in us as clones or mirror images in a sort of a worm whole without the effect of time and space , what happens to them then becomes what happens to us in the degree of the cloned entities in us and them. These are rather the source of our empathy and sympathy with others and them with us. It is worth it here to mention why the effects of modern communication machines like telephones ,televisions the internet and the rest of them all are deemed isolating despite the fact that they have, can and will takes us to greater distances and greater number of people in lesser time may be it is because that they don't have emotions that we can map in to our brains for the mere fact that the amount of what is in them and us in common pales in comparison to what we have in live people and others near us. In many words and a single sentence distance and time have direct bearing on the amount of common entities inherited and acquired that exist amongst people and other living and none living things having a direct effect on the degree of each other's emotional mapping.

As it turns out that brain imaging reveals when several people are questioned "how are you doing?" activated the same parts of the brain as when asked "How is she feeling?" I wondered if that would activate the same region of the brain if "she" is exchanged for "it" not it have no emotion, but due to the common in "You" and "it". While "You and "She" are basically constructs of the similar or near the same information, give and take acquirements along the path being, the information that "You and "It" are constructed on in comparison diverge more. " One can safely conclude that the emergence and persistence of cooperative behavior are not at all unlikely, provided the participants meet repeatedly, recognize one another and remember the outcomes of the past encounters." "Throughout the evolutionary history of life, cooperation among smaller units led to the emergence of more complex structures, as for example the emergence of multicultural creatures from single celled organisms. In this case, cooperation became as essential as competition. Spatial structures act to protect diversity. They allow cooperators and defectors to exist side by side. In different, but related context, similar spatial patterns allow populations of hosts and parasites or prey and predators, to survive together despite the inherent instability of their interaction. Such cooperative strategies may have been crucial for pre-biotic evolution, which many researchers believe may have taken place on surfaces rather than in well-stirred solutions. Catalyzing the replication of a molecule constitutes a form of mutual help; hence, a chain of catalysts, with each link feeding back on itself, would be the earliest instant of mutual aid." The Mysteries of Mathematics from the Archives of Scientific American. June 1995. By Martin A. Nowak, Robert M. May and Kari Sigmund. The above quotation is rather not made in the exact context the authors of the article might have intended to explain game theory, yet I find it telling of the mutual help and assistance that existed and exist in the fundamentals of our makeup that calls for a mapping of each other's emotional state for survival and trivial now and in the after now.

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