Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Gift of Giving

The Act of Giving is something we all possess! We can smile at a stranger and that is our gift to them. When we dig inside the web of personalities, giving gives us a sense of empowerment and satisfaction.

When you receive a gift you feel special in a good way, you feel like your important. That truly is a wonderful gift to give anyone.

* When was the last time you smiled at a stranger?

* When was the last time you gave yourself a gift?

* When was the last time you did something nice with no thought of what you would get back?

One gift I know I have in my possession is Knowledge and knowledge can lead to power. Every person I share with I am giving them the gift of my knowledge, do I have to I want to.........yes I do.

When we all do our online interacting, how do we make that other person feel special and important? Are we giving them a Cyber Handshake or Greeting out of the way? Are we commenting
and encouraging? That is one way right now you can share a gift, yes it costs nothing but truly gains a good feeling for that other person. Did you know if you made there day that they would remember you better?

If you can lighten ones persons day and make a lovely impression on them what would you choose to do? Who Are you going to share you Gift with?

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