Thursday, November 8, 2012

Infinity and Definitely

Since the dawn of time history has been our story. A story with both fiction & non-fiction current events, and has written about the historical culture I admire so much...the Egyptians known for their unique ways for interacting with the world. There have been many other cultures before the Egyptians to do the same and I am thankful for their contributions as well but the Egyptians stand out to me the most. They realized the significance for keeping records for all life changing experiences. Those life experiences are the reason why
we have writing, images, sounds, numbers, letters, and the list goes on.

Now I can write all day and night about reasons why Egyptian history is still remarkable. Nonetheless that is not the reason why I am writing & typing this to you. I want you to be aware of the philosophy that is the foundation to every success story you've ever heard. This philosophy can be translated & interpreted in a infinite number of ways. It is up to you the reader to decipher these words into your thinking process.

The greatest question and philosophy of all time in my opinion is "How will I be remembered?" Surely this is a question we all ask every single day of our lives. Rather than declaring boredom the Egyptians did something no other civilization could accomplish. They built a Pyramid not only for the Pharaoh but for the entire civilization as a whole. The Egyptians realized life & death was not just about being in a state of physical or non-physical existence. If it was written it would be done.

At the end of the day consider acknowledging your unique way for interacting with the world. Here is a quote that will guide you on your journey as a Scribe "If you don't write it down it never happened," this is the quote that has inspired me to write this essay. Your writing and observations educates the reader. We are the earliest form of recognizable genius.

One day I was wondering how long I could keep my eyes closed before I could achieve a spiritual enlightenment. While meditating on a rainy afternoon I discovered my thinking process without using a mind map to tell me the direction I should travel to first. That following evening I composed a poem that express my emotional displacement and quest for knowledge in its absolute form. With that being said I choose to be a noble knight who will be known as a Scribe not an Author. I am a Scribe that will be recognized as the Pinewood Paladin of Miami, FL.

When a new day begins our unique way of life will be remembered by the world we live in. Both objective and subjective writing are vital outlets for expressing compassion for the reader. Now before I let you go here is a response I want you to use when you are ready. The next time someone asks you "where have you been," let them know that you were at the "Epicenter of Infinite and Definite." Not only will this phrase Simplify Uncertainty it will be the topic of discussion for years to come. The best forms of communication are the ones that never end.

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