Thursday, November 8, 2012

Seeking The Truth: The Handbook of The Navigator

Some people never truly feel that they're a part of this world. It's as if their true essence exists elsewhere, and this physical body is a mere reflection of that essence - the true self. These people have actually taken a small fragment of the true self into this reality, and it's purpose is to help us awaken to the truth. This fragment is what directs our search for the whole.

I have come to understand this fragment as a navigator. It's not something you can touch, taste, smell, or
hear...nor can you see it when you look into a mirror. You need another sense to detect your navigator, you need a sixth sense.

Throughout our lives, we're taught to think and to act in a certain way. We're conditioned to follow certain patterns, and fit into society. It's like that toddler toy where you must put the round peg into the round hole, and the square peg into the square hole. Some of us are square pegs and society tries to jam us into its round hole. Some of us question the mainstream beliefs that others blindly accept.

During our childhood, we can feel this force within, it quietly tells us to seek greater truths. Children listen more intently than adults do, they're not afraid to question the blind faith of the older generations. The square peg can never truly fit into the round hole no matter how much society tries - the strongest navigators are never silenced. They remain, buried in the darkest recesses of the adult mind.

There's always that subtle force within that pushes us towards an awakening, towards a deeper understanding of the reality in which we are immersed.

The Handbook of The Navigator by Eric J. Pepin was written for those of us who seek the answers to forgotten questions. We have been taught to ignore the mysteries of this universe, to simply accept the lie that some things cannot be known. But alas, the navigator drives us to explore further, to transcend the limits of the majority.

Religions ignore science and condemn other perspectives. They follow an outdated set of rules and are unwilling to remove their blinders and expand their perceptions. Science often probes into the unknown, they ask the questions which strike fear into religious faiths, but they refuse to incorporate spirituality. Psychic and metaphysical abilities, meditation, and philosophy are ignore by mainstream science and without spirituality, science is incomplete.

For me, reading this book was the start of an incredible journey of discovery, a journey with no end. I have discovered the answers to my questions, and, more importantly, I began to look within and discover who I AM. I say this journey has no end, and the more I reflect upon the understandings that I have gained, the more I realize that I wouldn't want it to end. With each day comes an even more profound realization and a renewed urge to venture deeper within my own mind.

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