Thursday, November 1, 2012

We Do Not Need a Clash Between Eastern and Western Culture Or Thought

As the world moves closer together and as China feels her oats and rises back up the ladder as the top nation and a mutual Super Power with the United States of America, there are indeed lots of cultural differences that must be worked out. Part of the problem lies in the differences in between Eastern and Western Philosophy. Therefore it makes sense to share some of our philosophies with one another and consider the bright future of the world leaders.

In fact, I have committed myself to further understanding Eastern Philosophy and learning the names of their
famous philosophers and ideas. Shouldn't we all be doing this, it would smooth the transition. Perhaps, I can recommend at least one very good book to you that will help you understand as well:

"Oriental Philosophy; A Westerner's Guide to Eastern Thought" by Stuart C. Hackett; 1979.

This book has two chapters on Confucianism and neo-Confucianism and then begins to discuss Yang Chu's philosophy and selfishness. Let's not stop there; the book goes into Taoist reconstruction, philosophy and neo-Taoism. Part II goes into Buddhism, Zen and then Hinduism. The Appendix is huge with all sorts of references. I believe this sort of study is beneficial to us all, it is time we understood the whole picture.

This goes of course for both sides of the equation and the Eastern Cultures should understand some of the Western Cultures too and the Western Philosophies are of interest to the forward progression of thought, perhaps we might all learn from each other. But, it starts with each of us and our own mirror, so do your part and get to know Eastern Thought and see what you think.

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